About us

ZPC Flis company has many years of family tradition. The business start can be dated for 1992, yet the experience was gained in the previous years. Dynamic expanision of the company is strictly connected with exchanging the machinery park, manufacturing strategy and trade policy. The plant equipment is seen as the one of the most modern in the world.

The production is run with the modern machines usage and it fullfills all technological criteria related to the products which are manufactured in Flis. Our offer presents wide variety of wafers: production line of flat wafer, filled wafers, sugar wafer rolls and filled wafer rolls. We produce many tastes of cream which are harmonized with delicate wafer. The company is conscious of the consumers prefernces. Additionally, technological novelties are strictly monitored. We believe that above mentioned facts have important influance on the taste and quality of the products we offer. As a consequence of such approach ZPC Flis offers the products which after the first trial are bought repeatidely. Apart from production, we put every effort to have intriguing flavours and user-friendly and sophisticated packages in our portfolio.

Our company cares about the brand building by using adequate sales policy of bulk products.  We openely show full information about the product to the client who is the most important for us. As a consequence of this we observe significant growth of annual sale. Sales policy is effective and adjusted to the consumers needs. Our marketing approach let us consider all comments we receive. Furthermore, the conclusions let us build better partnership. The board of ZPC Flis consists of experienced people with great energy. That lead us to achieve our targets such as: fully meeting of the consumers needs, ecologically friendly production, satisfaction of the crew and achievieng economical goals.